10 Things You Need to Know When Selecting Natural Stone


    1. When selecting natural stone for your renovation or new custom home construction project, it’s important to have in mind that as a natural construction material, its variation in color,veining and texture are inherent; each natural stone piece has a distinct veining that makes it ‘one-of-a-kind’.
    2. Your supplier and contractor/installer must do some research to determine the range of the specified natural stone color(s that are available at the quarries, for the quantities required in your projects, which means that you should be able to have access to sample pieces that are as large as possible to allow you to see the variation in veining and color of the stone selected. The selection process starts at the quarry. Characteristics such as veining and mineral deposits will affect each piece.
    3. Natural Stone varies from quarry to quarry , from slab to slab and block to block, you need to make sure that the material will fit and meet your home or office project’s specifications and expectations. All natural stone is unique. Remember, no two stones are alike.
    4. Depending on your natural stone type and color selection, it can be three-dimensional and used as columns, balustrades,  and even furniture pieces. When used in exterior applications, natural stone has also proven superior to manufactured or  engineered products in withstanding the effects of nature when it’s specified, installed and mantained professionally.
    5. It is essential that appropriate installation, sealing and grouting materials are used, for every specific use, material and application conditions.
    6. Since natural stone tiles, for example are cut from blocks, the color/veining may be consistent within one crate but vary from crate to crate.
    7. All natural stone must be sealed to prevent etching, scratching and delay staining
    8. A maintenance program should be established for sealing and cleaning of all natural stone.
    9. Via high definition photographs such as  the ones shown below (Onyx and Marble slabs), you will be able to appreciate the variation within a slab and from slab to slab, that way you can decide how to include it into your home improvement projects.
    10. The variation in veining that natural stone offers and it’s rustic or contemporary appeal are characteristics that will make your project stand out from the rest – naturally! Classic, modern or rustic, warm and inviting, you can count on a distinctive look, natural stone work will charm your friends and family; and it will definitely add sex appeal to every room in your house/office.


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