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Amando Natural Stone is committed to supplying distinctive products to architects, designers, contractors and home owners throughout Western and Eastern Canada.

Our  natural stone product portfolio includes: wall tile, flooring, slabs, pavers, flagstone, custom architectural features, lighting fixtures and lamp shades; including: cantera, limestone, travertine, slate, basalt, marble and onyx.


To be recognized as the go to  provider of  DISTINCTIVE natural stone products  that contribute to improve the lives of the world’s consumers for many generations to come.


Amando Natural Stone is serving, inspiring and contributing with The Way We Craft for the construction of healthier and secure environments that reflect individuals and families lifestyles, spaces that will  be cherish for many generations to come.

We strive to strengthen the environment and communities where we live by working and operating in an environmentally responsible manner. 


We are guided by principles of good stewardship, concern for the environment and respect for each other. 


karina_eva_amando_natural_stone_ccw_communications_director_2015_image"Amando Natural Stone is what we do to support our  community, our contribution to make this world a better place, a place where your children and ours will live in. It Is our passion to offer not only  products to build your home or space but to contribute to the construction of healthier and secure environments that  reflect individuals and families lifestyles.

Natural stone is usually consider a luxury item, but it’s also a high performance building material. When we build with quality, long lasting construction materials, it is a better investment over all."

Karina Eva
Founder/Principal- Amando Natural Stone


  • More than a 100 years of combined experience in the natural stone industry and we use it to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied with our products.
  • During this journey, we have had the opportunity to work in the private and public sector providing materials for the construction of homes, restaurants, hotels and public places and have supplied our clients with 500 m2 and up to 20000 m2 of tile.
  • The expertise of our team in handling natural stone gives us the ability to work in all kind of projects from the smallest to the largest and more detailed one.
  • We supply slabs, sinks, counter tops*, tile for flooring and wall covering, stairs, crown moldings, fountains, columns, garden accents such as benches and planters/pots, fireplaces, veneer, flagstone and custom carvings.
  • We count with state of the art facilities in with all the necessary equipment for rolling, cutting, polishing, and carving of any natural stone. This allows the supply of projects at a large and small scale. 
  • We  have engaged in the manufacture of all types of marble and cantera stone, we control the extraction from the mine to the installation of cantera stone and marble that has been exported to Italy, the United States and Canada.
  • A production plan of up to 2970 m2 ground surface
  • A warehouse of up to 16000.00 m2 ground surface
  • High performance Cantera and Marble natural stone cutting and polishing machinery


We are concerned about the environment in our efforts to maintain our social responsibility. We count with a filter press that allows us to reuse the water we occupy throughout our processes, our facilities have lighting of low power consumption and we are part of a recycling project.

 We are committed and passionate about what we do, and we demonstrate our professionalism through high quality services and customer satisfaction, if you have any questions or comments please contact us, we will gladly assist you.


Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful
– William Morris 


Questions? Orders? 

T: 604-591-2952 E:  info@amandonaturalstone.ca