Onyx Lamps

Custom Handcrafted Onyx Lamps

Sleek, simple, high-end style elegance, or total functionality, you can choose from a variety of options to add a touch of  luxury to any living or work space.

How to order a custom made onyx lamp through Amando Natural Stone:

1. View Amando Natural Stone onyx lamps ideas

2. Share your own lamp’s designs with us

3. View our gallery of onyx natural stone colors in which home decor accessories such as lamps, table bases, floor lamps, sinks, countertops and vanities are made to order.

4. Once you have picked the style and material and weather you are working with a designer or you are a designer yourself, we can work from drawings, blueprints or photographs. Contact us and let us help you put it all together.


Questions? Orders? 

T: 604-591-2952 E:  info@amandonaturalstone.ca