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What Are The Most Desirable Amando Natural Stone Colors

Every design and construction professional know that the beauty and luster of natural materials cannot be beaten.

Natural Stone architectural and decor elements are a beautiful blending of nature’s diversity and man’s design. In contrast to the uniformity  Continue reading What Are The Most Desirable Amando Natural Stone Colors

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Why Natural Stone Plays a Big Role in Construction

Red Onyx - Amando Natural Stone - Slabs - Feature Walls and backsplash

Why Natural Stone Plays a Big Role in Construction 

Natural stone plays a big role in construction due to LEED construction standards. It has always been important to take care of our environment. Recently LEED construction standards, have reinforced it. Energy efficient processes and  availability of more eco-friendly material options are a most. Natural stone inherent characteristics, make it a green building product; it is naturally beautiful, low-maintenance, and  durable construction material. It is worth considering how these and other properties of stone can contribute to sustainable design projects and green building certifications.

Increased use of natural resources: More and more designs will feature stone as a primary component. Already a popular option in many areas of the industry, stone will play an increasing role in construction due to its widespread availability, comparatively low cost, and reduced environmental impact.  Construction Digital – Top Green Building Trends 2013

LEED-NC, for New Construction projects, is the most widely used green building rating system.

LEED-NC emphasizes six categories for environmental
1. Sustainable Sites (SS)
2. Water Efficiency (WE)
3. Energy and Atmosphere (EA)
4. Materials and Resources (MR)
5. Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)
6. Innovation and Design. (ID)

Natural stone products, such as those made from marble  and limestone, among others, can contribute to points in several of these categories. e.g

–  Optimize Energy Performance: Natural stone has good thermal mass (the ability of a material to store heat and slowly release it), which positively impacts indoor ambient air temperature, and thus, energy efficiency.

–  Due to the durability of stone, there are several credits in the Major Rrenovations [MR] category.

–  Building Reuse, Maintain 75-95% of Existing Walls, Floors  These MR Credits  apply if the life-cycle of existing building stock can be maintained in a project.

Natural stone is definitively a key component in the interior/landscape design and development of  eco-efficient and  healthier buildings.



Red Onyx - Amando Natural Stone - Slabs - Feature Walls and backsplash

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Interior Design Styles: Classic Design

CanteraNatural Stone Fountain, Columns and Stairs.

Interior Design Styles: Classic Design

When you are in the process of selecting an interior or exterior design style – one that suits your taste and lifestyle, the possibilities are endless.

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