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What Are The Most Desirable Amando Natural Stone Colors

Every design and construction professional know that the beauty and luster of natural materials cannot be beaten.

Natural Stone architectural and decor elements are a beautiful blending of nature’s diversity and man’s design. In contrast to the uniformity of materials produced by machines, natural stone materials naturally varied appearance will add wonderful character to your home or office design.

There are many natural stone choices available and each piece of stone is unique – no two pieces are identical.  Each tile, slabs or architectural feature will offer its own coloring, veining and natural characteristics like hardness and porosity. Some may vary in thickness and will not have a smooth surface or straight edge/corners. This all adds to the natural stone’s beauty and uniqueness.



If you choose to enhance a space in your home living room, outdoor space, garden or landscaping area, let it be using natural stone, e.i. tiles and slabs for a kitchen, a bathroom, a foyer or a  fireplace. The timeless beauty and versatility of natural stone make it suitable for any design scheme, from sleek and modern to classic and traditional.


Which natural stone is best for your project?



If you opt for upscale and unique, the beauty of onyx draws people in! Choose onyx when you are looking for contrasting colors and sheer beauty to create feature walls, countertops, bathroom vanities, fireplace surrounds, and backsplashes in the kitchen and living room area,  feature walls and decorative accents such as lamps and lighting fixtures, true works of art.

Keep in mind if onyx will fit in your project, it will cost more than other materials to install due to its fragile nature, you will need a good place to use onyx where it can be admired but not worn out and it will require discipline to keep Onyx sealed and clean as necessary.

View Amando Natural Stone Onyx most desirable colors:





Whether you are going to construct a home or a commercial building, you always like to make it a big success in terms of appeal. There are different types of options available to choose from when it comes to renovating an interior or exterior space. Installing tiles or custom stone work at a home or other building structure is a stunning option when looking to stand out. Cantera stone is used to create exclusive designs and patterns anywhere in the home.

Installing Cantera stone can turn a simple-looking space into a mesmerizing one.

View Amando Natural Stone most desirable Cantera colors:





Used in a variety of walls and flooring applications and as a mantle piece for a fireplace and columns, limestone complements other materials in any space. Limestone is a long-lasting easy to cut and install the material.

View Amando Natural Stone most desirable limestone colors:



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